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We invite you to take an exiting trip to Novgorod on a comfortable bus. A day tour to Veliky Novgorod from St Petersburg (~ 200km) gives you the opportunity to see one of the oldest and most important cities of Ancient Russia.

Novgorod was founded more than a millennium ago (859) on the River Volkhov. This is much earlier than the first mention of Moscow in the chronicles (1147) and many centuries before the foundation of St Petersburg (1703). The famous trading route from the “Varangians to the Greeks”, i.e. from the Scandinavians to Byzantium, passed through the city which gave it strategic importance.

During our excursion we will visit the city’s main sight - an ancient Kremlin which is now listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Novgorod Kremlin, traditionally known as the Detinets, also contains the oldest palace in Russia, which served as the main meeting hall of the archbishops; the oldest Russian bell tower, and the oldest Russian clock tower. Among later structures, the most remarkable are a royal palace and a bronze monument to the Millennium of Russia, representing the most important figures from the country’s history (unveiled in 1862).

In Kremlin you will visit St. Sophia Cathedral and several other main sights in and around the city, such as Yuriev Monastery and the Vitoslavlitsy Open-Air Museum of Wooden Architecture. Vitoslavitsy is a unique place where you will learn how Russian people lived centuries ago. Houses, barns, wooden churches and chapels were brought here from all over the North-Western region of Russia and beautifully restored, so that the museum recreates the atmosphere of an ancient Russian village street. You can go inside a couple of such village houses and see how everything was arranged in the homes of ordinary Russian people and well-off merchants back in the 19th century.

Just dress comfortably and take a camera to capture all unique memories about the city!

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Why you should choose this tour:

Современные автобусы City Bus-Our modern buses with large panoramic windows will allow you to observe the must-see attractions of Novgorod land.

Профессиональный экскурсовод-Our professional licensed guide will give you a lot of interesting historical information.

Оптимальный маршрут-Our optimal travel route allows you to see the main Novgorod attractions like Kremlin, Yuriev Monastery, city centre & Vitoslavlitsy Open-Air Museum.

3 остановки-Great opportunity to take memorable pictures while walking through the city.

5afef874dfaa757466dc9152781fdbdb.jpg Price includes entrance tickets to museum. «Fast line» entrance! 

UNESCO The most visited City Bus tour! 
TOP of City Bus - the most visited tour!

Bus tour to Novgorod is an excellent choice to discover this unique anciant city! Buy your tickets online without any fee & a queue. It takes just a few minutes.

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Each Sat & Sun at 07:45 a.m. (arrival at ~ 09:30 p.m.)

Duration: 1 day

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Place of departure/arrival: Nevskiy pr. 35 (metro station "Nevskiy prospect", at the corner of Dumskaya str. & Nevskiy pr.). You can buy bus tickets on the website, without any queue & fee, or in our sales office: Nevsky prospect 22, 4th floor (*elevator), office 6 (don't buy tickets on the street!). In our office we offer free services: WC, water, city maps & booklets. The office is open daily, working hours. Сash & bank cards are accepted.

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